Mother-of-Pearl Shutters Topkapi Palace
Cupboards Topkapi Palace
Topkapi Palace
Topkapi Palace
Topkapi Palace
Calligraphy Topkapi Palace
Haghia Sophia
White Marble Minbar Haghia Sophia
Haghia Sophia
Toffee Boy Haghia Sophia
Mosaic Haghia Sophia
Virgin & Child Mosaic Haghia Sophia
Seraphim Haghia Sophia
Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque
Basilica Cistern
Grand Bazaar
Pitta Bread
Bosphorus Bridge From Topkapi Palace
Fortress of Europe Bosphorus
Haghia Sophia & Topkapi Palace
Leander's Tower Bosphorus
Sϋleymaniye Mosque

Lycian Way (Fethiye-Patara)

Blue Butterfly Kayakoy
Swallowtail Kayakoy
Female Red-veined Darter Kayakoy
Male Red-veined Darter Kayakoy
Bone Cellar Lower Church Kaya
Lower Church Kaya Village
From Upper Church Kaya Village
Upper Church Kaya Village
Kaya Village
Kaya Village
Sternbergia lutea Kayakoy
Ölϋ Deniz
Globe Skimmer Kayakoy - Faralya
Berger's Clouded Yellow Kayakoy - Faralya
Lizard Kayakoy - Faralya
Lizard Kayakoy - Faralya
Lizard Kayakoy - Faralya
Patara Ruins
Patara Ruins
Patara Ruins
Crested Lark Patara Ruins
White Wagtail Patara Ruins
Patara Dunes
Patara Dunes
Patara Aqueduct
Patara Aqueduct


Adrasan Bay
Lighthouse Cottage
From The Lighthouse
3 of the "5 Islands"
Mount Olympos
Mount Olympos
Bath House at Olympos
Sarcophagus at Olympos
Sarcophagi at Olympos
Roman Temple at Olympos
Amphitheatre at Olympos
Spur-thighed Tortoise
Bug on Scabious
Bug on Fabaceae
Pollen Beetle on Scabious
Shield Bugs on Artedia squamata
Hornet leaving Scabious
Female Locust
Spider guarding egg sac on Anthyliss Tetraphylla
Female Violet Dropwing
Female Small Skimmer
Keeled Skimmer
Mullein Moth Caterpillar on Figwort
Procession Caterpillar
"Blue" Butterfly
"Blue" Butterfly
Dappled White on Anchusa
Large White on Psoralea bituminosa
Orange Tip on Scabious
Painted Lady
Sage Skipper
Grizzled? Skipper
Mallow Skipper
Spotted Fritillary
Spotted Fritillary
Six-spot Burnet Moth
White-spectacled (Yellow-vented) Bulbul
Female Chaffinch
Great Tit
Hooded Crows
(Blurred!) House Martin
Male House Sparrow
Little Ringed Plover
Male Woodchat Shrike
White Wagtail