Honey Fungus Longshaw Estate
Blushing Bracket Longshaw Estate
Common Bonnet Longshaw Estate
Crimson Waxcap Longshaw Estate
Glistening Inkcap Longshaw Estate
Elfin Saddle Longshaw Estate
Brown Roll Rim Longshaw Estate
Hairy Stereum Longshaw Estate
Meadow Waxcap Longshaw Estate
Peppery Bolete Longshaw Estate
Petticoat Mottlegill Longshaw Estate
Saffron Milkcap Longshaw Estate
Scarletina Bolete Longshaw Estate
The Blusher Longshaw Estate
Ugly Milkcap Longshaw Estate
White Club Longshaw Estate
White Coral Longshaw Estate
Yellow Club Longshaw Estate
Bitter Beech Bolete Longshaw Estate
Brown Mottlegill Longshaw Estate
Butter Waxcap Longshaw Estate
Crimson Waxcap Longshaw Estate
Dusky Puffball Longshaw Estate
Gray Spotted Amanita Longshaw Estate
Funnel Longshaw Estate
Southern Bracket Longshaw Estate
Wood Cauliflower Longshaw Estate
Bonnet Longshaw Estate
Amethyst Deceiver Longshaw Estate
Panther Cap Longshaw Estate
Porcelain Mushroom Longshaw Estate
Egghead Mottlegill Carl Wark
Reticularia lycoperdon Padley Gorge
Blackening Waxcap Castleton
Parrot Waxcap Castleton
Tubifera ferruginosa Castleton
White Spindles Castleton
Giant Funnel Bamford
Lumpy Bracket Bamford
British Soldier Lichen (Devil's Matchsticks) Bleaklow
Hoof Fungus Tideswell
Gloeoporus taxicola Dovedale
Amethyst Deceiver Stand Wood Chatsworth
Common Puffball Stand Wood Chatsworth
Greasy Tough Shank Stand Wood Chatsworth
Beefsteak Fungus Stand Wood Chatsworth
Common Earthball Stand Wood Chatsworth
Armillaria cepistipes Stand Wood Chatsworth
Crested Coral Stand Wood Chatsworth
Ochre Brittlegill Stand Wood Chatsworth
Purple Brittlegill Stand Wood Chatsworth
Rosy Bonnet Stand Wood Chatsworth
Scaly Earthball Stand Wood Chatsworth
Stump Puffball Stand Wood Chatsworth
The Miller Stand Wood Chatsworth
Verdigris Agaric Stand Wood Chatsworth
Verdigris Agaric Stand Wood Chatsworth
Grey Knight Stand Wood Chatsworth
Field Mushroom Chatsworth Park
Clustered Mushroom Chatsworth Park
The Miller Bretton Clough
Tawny Grisette Jack Flat Baslow
Common Earthball Gardom's Edge
Wood Blewit Alstonefield


Ceratiomyxa fructiculosa Lady Canning's Plantation
Cladonia (Lichen) Lady Canning's Plantation
Dacrymyces? Lady Canning's Plantation
Jelly Ear Lady Canning's Plantation
Phlebiopsis gigantea Lady Canning's Plantation
Purplepore Bracket Lady Canning's Plantation
Scurfy Deceiver Lady Canning's Plantation
Yellow Stagshorn Lady Canning's Plantation
Common Funnel Blacka Moor
Dung Roundhead Blacka Moor
Inkcap Blacka Moor
Magic Mushroom Blacka Moor
Meadow Puffball Blacka Moor
Petticoat Mottlegill Blacka Moor
Butter Waxcap Blacka Moor
Meadow Waxcap Blacka Moor
Pink Waxcap Blacka Moor
Scarlet Waxcap Blacka Moor
Blackening Waxcap Blacka Moor
Snowy Waxcap Blacka Moor
Star Pinkgill Blacka Moor
Yellow Club Blacka Moor
Brittlestem General Cemetery
Smoky Bracket General Cemetery
Stump Puffballs General Cemetery
Turkeytail General Cemetery
Weeping Widow General Cemetery
Wolf's Milk (Lycogala epidendrum) General Cemetery
Blackening Wax Cap Northern General Hospital Grounds
Upright Coral Botanical Gardens
Blueleg Brownie Botanical Gardens
Brown Birch Bolete Botanical Gardens
Silverleaf Fungus Botanical Gardens
Common Bird's-nest Botanical Gardens
Giant Polypore Botanical Gardens
Shaggy Parasol Botanical Gardens
Magpie Inkcap Botanical Gardens
Shaggy Inkcap Botanical Gardens
Bonfire Scalycap Botanical Gardens
Basket Fungus Botanical Gardens
Basket Fungus Botanical Gardens (Image courtesy of Andrea Jones)
Collared Earthstar Botanical Gardens
Collared Earthstar Botanical Gardens (Image courtesy of Andrea Jones)
Yellow Stainer Botanical Gardens
St George's Mushroom Bingham Park Road (Image courtesy of Caroline Egglestone)
Common Ink Cap Tom Lane
Common Bonnet Tom Lane
Bleeding Broadleaf Crust Tom Lane
Pink Waxcap Tom Lane
The Miller Tom Lane
Velvet Shank Tom Lane
Shaggy Parasol Tom Lane
Shaggy Parasol Tom Lane
Field Mushroom Tom Lane
Field Mushroom Tom Lane
Lyophyllum loricatum Tom Lane
Common Puffball Tom Lane
Common Earthball Tom Lane
Blistered Cup Tom Lane
Honey Fungus on Bramble Tom Lane
Bulbous Honey Fungus Tom Lane
Root Rot Tom Lane
Dead Man's Fingers Tom Lane
Mycena alcalina Tom Lane
Armillaria cepistipes Tom Lane
Candlesnuff Fungus Tom Lane
Snowy Waxcap Tom Lane
Butter Waxcap Tom Lane
Bay Cup Tom Lane
Cellar Cup Tom Lane
Magic Mushroom Tom Lane
Orange Bonnet Tom Lane
Red Cracking Bolete  Tom Lane
Hypomyces chrysospermus on Red Cracking Bolete Tom Lane (ID courtesy of Michael Senkans)
Tawny Grisette Tom Lane
Grey Coral Tom Lane
Yellow Club Tom Lane
Yellowing Knight Clarendon Road
Suede Bolete Stumperlowe Hall Road
Field Blewit Stumperlowe Hall Road
Brown Ear Stumperlowe Hall Road
Poison Pie Stumperlowe Hall Road
Yellowing Knight Stumperlowe Crescent Road
Grey Spotted Amanita Slayleigh Lane
Lurid Bolete Slayleigh Lane
Lurid Bolete Slayleigh Lane
Yellow Stainer Slayleigh Lane
Snowy Waxcap Storth Park
Pinkgill Storth Park
Dryad's Saddle Hallamshire Road
Yellow Club The Three Merry Lads Pub Redmires Road
Butter Waxcap Redmires Road
Vermilion Waxcap Redmires Road
Wrinkled Club Redmires Road
Yellow Club Redmires Road
Shield Redmires Road
Webcap Redmires Road
Webcap Redmires Road
Pleated Inkcap Redmires Road
Scarletina Bolete Redmires Road
Scarletina Bolete Redmires Road
Slimy Waxcap Redmires Road
Crow Pinkgill Redmires Road
Brown Conecap - Immature (top) & Mature Lodge Moor
The Blusher Hallamshire Golf Course
Grey Spotted Amanita Hallamshire Golf Course
Brittlegill Hallamshire Golf Course
Bonnet Hallamshire Golf Course
Ochre Brittlegill Hallamshire Golf Course
Bay Bolete Hallamshire Golf Course
Plums & Custard Hallamshire Golf Course
Brown Roll-rim Hallamshire Golf Course
Rufous Milkcap Hallamshire Golf Course
Suede Bolete Hallamshire Golf Course
 Herald of Winter Hallamshire Golf Course
Fly Agaric Redmires Quarry
Fly Agaric Blackbrook Wood
Fly Agaric Blackbrook Wood
Fly Agaric Blackbrook Wood
Amethyst Deceiver Blackbrook Wood
Brown Birch Bolete Blackbrook Wood
The Miller Blackbrook Wood
Common Funnel Cap Blackbrook Wood
Oyster Mushroom Blackbrook Wood
Ink Cap Blackbrook Wood
Yellow Swamp Brittlegill Fox Hagg
The Miller Fox Hagg
Tripe Fungus Fox Hagg
Orange Grisette Fox Hagg
Giant Polypore Endcliffe Park
Giant Polypore Endcliffe Park
Southern Bracket Endcliffe Park
Shaggy Scalycap Endcliffe Park
Artist's Bracket Endcliffe Park
Sulphur Tuft Endcliffe Park
Smoky Bracket Endcliffe Park
Clustered Bonnet Endcliffe Park
Candlesnuff Fungus Endcliffe Park
Common Bonnet Endcliffe Park
Common Puffball Endcliffe Park
White Domecap Endcliffe Park
Scaly Earthball Endcliffe Park
Shaggy Parasol Endcliffe Park
Clustered Brittlestem Endcliffe Park
Curtain Crust Endcliffe Park
Spring Fieldcap Endcliffe Park
Clustered Domecap Endcliffe Park
Smoky Bracket Forge Dam
Hoof Fungus Forge Dam
Oyster Mushroom Forge Dam
Reticularia lycoperdon Forge Dam
Common Rustgill Porter Valley
Pipe Club - Contorted Variation Porter Valley
Flat Oysterling Porter Valley
Webcap Porter Valley
Common Earthball Porter Valley
Hairy Curtain Crust (& Candlesnuff) Porter Valley
Beechwood Sickener Porter Valley
Oyster Porter Valley
Oyster Porter Valley
Peeling Oysterling Porter Valley
Peeling Oysterling Porter Valley
Earthy Powdercap Porter Valley
Parrot Wax Cap Porter Valley
Petticoat Fungus Porter Valley
Petticoat Fungus Porter Valley
Magic Mushroom (Liberty Cap) Porter Valley
Pleated Inkcap Porter Valley
Hay Cap Porter Valley
Scarlet Elfcup Porter Valley
Scarlet Elfcup Porter Valley
Dryad's Saddle Porter Valley
Dryad's Saddle Porter Valley
Dryad's Saddle Porter Valley
Honey Fungus Porter Valley
Parasol Porter Valley
Shaggy Scalycap Porter Valley
Boletus calopus (Bitter Beech Bolete) Porter Valley
Boletus calopus (Bitter Beech Bolete) Porter Valley
Crab Brittlegill Porter Valley
Ochre Brittlegill Porter Valley
Blackfoot Polypore Porter Valley
Purple Brittlegill Porter Valley
Glistening Inkcap Porter Valley
Blushing Bracket Porter Valley
Grey Knight Porter Valley
Bloodred Webcap Porter Valley
Yellowing Knight Porter Valley
Pestle Puffball Porter Valley
Ashen Knight Porter Valley
Burnt Knight Porter Valley
Reticularia lycoperdon Porter Valley
Green Brittlegill Porter Valley
Honey Fungus Porter Valley
Jelly Baby Fungus Porter Valley
Oyster Mushroom Porter Valley
Shaggy Inkcap Porter Valley
Soapy Knight Porter Valley
Trooping Funnel Porter Valley
White Milking Bonnet Porter Valley
White Saddle Porter Valley
Stereum Porter Valley
Black Bulgar Porter Valley
Jelly Ear Porter Valley
Webcap Porter Valley
White Brain Fungus Porter Valley
Wood Woollyfoot Porter Valley
Grey Spotted Amanita Porter Valley
Southern Bracket Porter Valley
Collared Parachute Porter Valley
Pale Brittlestem Porter Valley
Yellow Field Cap Whiteley Woods
Smoky Bracket Whiteley Woods
King Alfred's Cakes Whiteley Woods
Bleeding Broadleaf Crust Whiteley Woods
Elfin Saddle Whiteley Woods
Grey Knight Whiteley Woods
Snowy Waxcap Wagstaff's Field Whiteley Woods
Brown Mottlegill Wagstaff's Field Whiteley Woods
Honey Waxcap Wagstaff's Field Whiteley Woods
Lilac Pinkgill Wagstaff's Field Whiteley Woods
Meadow Coral Wagstaff's Field Whiteley Woods
Nitrous Bonnet Wagstaff's Field Whiteley Woods
Pink Waxcap Wagstaff's Field Whiteley Woods
Shaggy Ink Cap Wagstaff's Field Whiteley Woods
Slimy Waxcap Wagstaff's Field Whiteley Woods
Dead Man's Fingers Wagstaff's Field Whiteley Woods
Common Bonnet Wagstaff's Field Whiteley Woods
Clustered Tough Shank Wagstaff's Field Whiteley Woods
Brittle Cinder Wagstaff's Field Whiteley Woods
Coconut Milkcap Wagstaff's Field Whiteley Woods
Dung Roundhead Brown Edge Redmires
Milkcap Wyming Brook
Common Rustgill Wyming Brook
Common Rustgill Wyming Brook
Milkcap Wyming Brook
Birch Brittlegill Wyming Brook
Milkcap Wyming Brook
Amethyst Deceiver Wyming Brook
Common Funnel Wyming Brook
Stinking Dapperling Wyming Brook
Stinking Dapperling Wyming Brook
Birch Polypore Wyming Brook
Birch Polypore Wyming Brook
Jellybaby Wyming Brook
Willow Shield Wyming Brook
Oysterling Wyming Brook
Brown Birch Bolete Wyming Brook
Birch Milkcap Wyming Brook
Beech Milkcap Wyming Brook
Common Inkcap Wyming Brook
Common Puffball Wyming Brook
Fly Agaric Wyming Brook
Grey Milkcap Wyming Brook
Larch Bolete Wyming Brook
Veiled Poisonpie Wyming Brook
Jelly Ear Coppice Road
Common Puffball Coppice Road
The Deceiver Coppice Road
Sulphur Polypore/Chicken of the woods
Orange Peel Fungus Brincliffe Edge Wood
Brown Conecap Whirlowbrook Hall
Clouded Funnel Whirlowbrook Hall
False Saffron Milkcap Whirlowbrook Hall
Soapy Knight Whirlowbrook Hall
The Deceiver Whirlowbrook Hall
Wood Blewit Whirlowbrook Hall
False Chanterelle Whirlowbrook Hall
Grey Knight Whirlowbrook Hall
Slimy Wax Cap Whirlowbrook Hall
Slippery Jack Whirlowbrook Hall
Fly Agaric Agden
Fragile Brittlegill Agden
Hairy Curtain Crust Agden
Hairy Leg Bell Low Bradfield
Alder Scalycap Low Bradfield
Blue Roundhead Low Bradfield
Cep Low Bradfield
Hairy Curtain Crust Low Bradfield
Naucoria Low Bradfield
Purple Jelly Fungus Low Bradfield
Small Stagshorn Low Bradfield
The Deceiver Low Bradfield
White Domecap Low Bradfield
White Saddle Low Bradfield
Jelly Ear Damflask


Clouded Funnel Golden Acre Park
Sulphur Tuft Golden Acre Park
Yellow Club Golden Acre Park
Birch Polypore Chevin Country Park Otley
Giant Puffball Chevin Country Park Otley
Bleeding Broadleaf Crust Chevin Country Park Otley
King Alfred's Cakes Chevin Country Park Otley
Milkcap Chevin Country Park Otley
Stinkhorn Chevin Country Park Otley
Common Ink Cap Kirkstall Abbey
Weeping Widow Kirkstall Abbey
Glistening Inkcap Calverley
Stump Puffball Calverley


Brown Rollrim Holkham NNR
Velvet Rollrim Holt Country Park
Pale Brittlestem Holkham Hall
Galerina Cley Marshes
Meadow Wax Cap Holme Dunes
Egghead Mottlegill Holme


Clouded Agaric
Grey Knight
Meadow Coral
Oyster Mushroom
Root Rot
Scarlet Waxcap
Snowy Waxcap
Meadow Waxcap (Big!)

The Lake District

Angel's Wings Whinlatter
Angel's Wings Whinlatter
Bonnet Whinlatter
Bracket Fungus Whinlatter
Brick Tuft Whinlatter
Yellow Stagshorn Whinlatter
Milk Cap Whinlatter
Deer Shield? Whinlatter
Deer Shield? Whinlatter
Tubaria furfuracea Whinlatter
Mottlegill Whinlatter
Dung Roundhead Glenridding
Rosy Brittlegill Glenridding
Grey Spotted Amanita Glenridding
Lepiota Glenridding
Brown Birch Bolete Glenridding
Common Puffball Threlkeld Bridge
Burnt Knight Bassenthwaite
Dog Lichen Bassenthwaite
Purple Swamp Brittlegill Bassenthwaite
Soapy Knight Bassenthwaite
Wood Blewitt Bassenthwaite
Wrinkled Club Bassenthwaite
Yellow Club Bassenthwaite
Yellowing Knight Bassenthwaite
Yellow Brain Fungus Derwent Water
Bleeding Broadleaf Crust Braithwaite
Crow Pinkgill Braithwaite
Flase Chanterelle Braithwaite
Butter Waxcap Braithwaite
Grey Spotted Amanita Braithwaite
Hairy Curtain Crust Braithwaite
Meadow Waxcap Braithwaite
Slimy Spike Braithwaite
Vermillion Waxcap Braithwaite
White False Deathcap Braithwaite
Yellow Brain Braithwaite
Wrinkled Club Braithwaite
Yellow Stagshorn Braithwaite
Honey Fungus Coniston
Blackening Brittlegill Skelwith Bridge
Crab Brittlegill Skelwith Bridge
Crested Coral Skelwith Bridge
Dappled Webcap Skelwith Bridge
Fleecy Milkcap Skelwith Bridge
Giant Funnel Skelwith Bridge
Grey Spotted Amanita Skelwith Bridge
Larch Bolete Skelwith Bridge
Meadow Waxcap Skelwith Bridge
Shaggy Scalycap Skelwith Bridge
The Deceiver Skelwith Bridge
The Miller Skelwith Bridge
White Saddle Skelwith Bridge
White Spindles Skelwith Bridge
Wrinkled Club Skelwith Bridge


Common Bird's Nest Fungus Anglesey Abbey
Common Conecap Anglesey Abbey
Common Inkcap Anglesey Abbey
Dog Stinkhorn (& Bird's Nest) Anglesey Abbey
False Deathcap (White Variation)? Anglesey Abbey
Hare's Foot Inkcap Anglesey Abbey
Honey Fungus Anglesey Abbey
Jelly Ear Anglesey Abbey
Scaly Earthball Anglesey Abbey
Variable Oysterling Anglesey Abbey
Warted Amanita Anglesey Abbey
White Brain Fungus Anglesey Abbey
Brittlestem Welney
Lycogala terrestre Welney
Oyster Lakenheath
Giant Puffball Lakenheath
White Fibrecap Lakenheath


Common Funnel The Lawley, Church Stretton
Blackening Waxcap The Lawley, Church Stretton
Earthy Powdercap The Lawley, Church Stretton
Grey Knight The Lawley, Church Stretton
Orange Bonnet The Lawley, Church Stretton
Saffron Milkcap The Lawley, Church Stretton
Pale Brittlestem The Lawley, Church Stretton
Vermillion Waxcap The Lawley, Church Stretton
Parasol Caer Caradoc, Church Stretton


Collared Parachute Ham Wall Avalon Marshes
Conocybe aporos Ham Wall Avalon Marshes
King Alfred's Cakes Cheddar Gorge
Peeling Oysterling Cheddar Gorge
Parasol Cheddar Gorge
Puffball Cheddar Gorge